Human Rights Badasses

{August 8, 2007}   And the next Badass is (drumroll please)…

Bob Allen (R-FL)!


Just kidding. Ah, whenever I get upset about the woman who was just charged for her own rape by the [expletive] military (please write your reps), I just think of this story, and it’s so friggin fantastic – if by fantastic you mean racist, wildly hypocritical, delightfully undermining, and not entirely surprising – that I can’t help but laugh. Really releases the tension.

: )


This story actually makes me uncomfortable, simply because liberals and feminists (both of which I am) are focused on the wrong issues. More on my blog in a second. :0)

How was your night?

I just love that he made a fool of himself. It’s a serious blow to his credibility. And it’s just so funny on so many levels. Ahh, there are black people all around! I better pay this guy to give him oral sex before he kills me! You know about black people!

Of course people shouldn’t target homosexuals and it’s debatable whether consensual paid sex acts should be illegal, but that’s what this guy’s opponents have been saying. We’re not saying, “Oh my gosh, he’s SO BAD for doing something homosexual” we’re saying “WHAT an IDIOT!” Of course I don’t even know much about him (shame on me). But I still find it funny. And you’ve got to take those opportunities to laugh, because understanding oppression can make you crazy.

I agree, but I can’t help but still think that we are being a little silly for laughing at this guy, rather than caring about the real issue: cracking down on what two adults decide to do together. But that’s just me.

As for exchange of money for sex, I am against it. It’s a way to commodify women. One can argue and say that it empowers women, but it does not. Putting women in financial burdens in which the only way they can get out of is through using their bodies is not the responsible thing to do. In effect, it is, for me, pay-per-rape, no matter how anyone looks at it.

As for public sex? I am all for it. I kind of like it. 😀

Haha. I don’t really know about public sex – is this mainly a public restroom issue? If I don’t have to see it or hear it, I’m ok…maybe it should be something that whoever’s in charge of the building makes a policy on, not something that’s legislated and criminalized. I don’t know.

As for paying for sex, I have to be against that too, because I know how much it results in oppression. I’m not as sure if it’s homosexual or, like once I read about a woman who became a high-end prostitute because she could make more money that way, but she was already making plenty of money and she’s in charge, she doesn’t have a pimp. So that doesn’t seem so bad (seems a little icky to me but that’s my Christian background talking), and I find it hard to justify criminalizing that, but then, it would be hard to separate that out from the bad cases. Also, I read that countries that legalized prostitution have had an increase in sex trafficking, even though you might think it would help because they could regulate it, whereas a country that started cracking down on johns has had some success.

You a second note about this story (it just won’t die!), suppose I really am afraid of black men: the last thing I would do, when being mugged, is offer him a blowjob. I don’t think it would go over well!

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