Human Rights Badasses

{October 2, 2008}   More badass at ten than I am now: Nujood Ali

From the LA Times via feministing:

Nujood Ali was pulled out of school and forced to marry a man 3 times her age, even though she is well below the age of consent in Yemen.  He beat and sexually abused her.  She went to court and got a divorce!  Now she’s back in school.

“When I left school, I learned how to count from one to 100,” she said. “Now, I am going to learn how to count until a million.”

Sometimes people say that feminism is bad because it made divorce rates go up.  Looking at this story, I can just say, “Fuck yeah.”

Sorry I’m not as eloquent as Nujood (she’s just outperforming me all over the place).


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