Human Rights Badasses

I think the badass way to handle vile comments is not to tolerate them, but also not to hide them or let them intimidate you. So if I get any comments that are homophobic, sexist, racist, or otherwise objectionable, I will publicly display and ridicule them. I will use them as evidence that the problems I talk about are real and I will not hesitate (and neither should you, dear reader) to deride them, although I will not get caught up in arguing over them. I have better things to do.

If you don’t want that to happen to your comments, follow these simple rules and I will discuss things with you respectfully regardless of whether we agree:

1. Avoid the following words: the n-word and all other racial slurs, fag, whore, bitch (unless used in the reclaimed way or the dog way), cunt, ho, slut, and so on.

2. Do not threaten to rape, maim, or kill anyone.

3. Do not use body size, gender, sexual orientation, or race as insults.

4. Don’t lie. That includes declaring something to be so based on bad or no evidence. Unproven hypotheses are acceptable if presented as such.

5. Make sense.

Thank you so much and have a lovely day.


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