Human Rights Badasses

My goal is to post about Badasses who are standing up for the rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ people, poor/lower class people, and all other groups that experience oppression. My biggest interest is probably in third world/global feminism, so I’m liable to have a bias towards Badasses in that field because those are the stories that I’m going to read about the most. But I really want to cover other stuff too, so if you have a Badass spotting, put a link to the story or tell me where to find it in a comment. If I know you in real life and you want to write for the blog to cover your own area of interest, I’d be into that.

Also know that my posts are not intended to all be at the same level of importance. Little things matter too, in terms of inspiring us and reminding us what other people are going through. When I write about someone who did something small in a badass way, it’s not to downplay the bigger stuff or imply that they all matter the same. It’s about the attitude.

I’m not really a journalism kind of person, and I doubt the stories on here will be totally new to anyone who’s really into this stuff.  For me, and for people who are really awesome activists (which I’m not, but I aspire to be), I’m hoping it will keep us motivated and brave.  For people who don’t know so much about this stuff, I’m hoping it will be a not-quite-so-painful-to-read introduction to the stuff people are going through and how we can help.


Raj says:

I like your blog very much.Keep up the good work !

Thank you so much! Unfortunately during the semester I usually don’t have the time to really work on it (I’m actually writing another one,, because it’s the kinds of things I write all the time anyway, whereas this type of blog requires an extra effort for me), but I hope I’ll be back here relatively soon!

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