Human Rights Badasses

Saving the world is hard. A lot of people are trying, but there are a lot of setbacks. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of reading about what Bush is doing wrong today. I want some good news. So this blog is a look at the positive side of the fight for human rights. I post about Badasses, people who are standing up for themselves or other people despite the risks and obstacles. Their stories don’t always end happily, but they blaze trails for the people who come after them, making it just a little easier for the next person to get fair treatment. When Badasses die, they don’t go to Heaven. They don’t go to Hell. They go to Valhalla.

When you see the powerless fight against the powerful and lose much too often, it’s easy to feel like there’s no point even trying. But Badasses inspire me to stay confident and determined no matter what. They’re our hope for change, I think. Plus they’re just so damn cool.

That said, these people aren’t my heros. I don’t have heros, because people are so imperfect. So if you find out they’re not all daisies and sunshine, that’s ok. They’re on here for a specific reason; beyond that, I make no claims about their ethics or anything else. I also don’t want to set up a badass/wimp dichotomy. I hate dichotomies. There are a lot of oppressed people who don’t stand up for themselves, out of fear, or just pragmatism, or because they simply can’t. I don’t mean to imply anything bad about them at all, and I do care about them (check out my namesake), but I don’t focus on them in this blog. I think stories of people who don’t let intimidation tactics silence them are good for us to hear, so we don’t get too bogged down by the stories in which we know justice won’t be served.


Thanks for the link(s). I never would have self-identified as a badass but it’s nice to be called one 🙂

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